ENSPIRE MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Darius Bradley Endorses the Become a Threat Movement

( ENSPIRE News ) Darius Bradley Endorses the Become a Threat Movement

ENSPIRE Contributor: Emmanuel Perilla

Darius Bradley (@IAMDarius6), founder, and C.E.O. of Gatekeepers Agency (@GatekeepersAgency) is making moves with Justin Alexander Hill and his Becoming a Threat Movement. Gatekeepers Agency is an Atlanta based (staffing & recruiting) assistant agency that provides personal, executive, and production assistants. Darius Bradley is the former celebrity assistant and road manager to “Power” actor and singer Rotimi. After years of dedication to his client, Darius decided to go to Atlanta to help others with their dreams.

The Becoming a Threat Movement is challenging the negative implications of the word “threat” and plans to replace it with a positive idea of what it means to be a threat to society. The goals of the movement are described clearly on its website. It states, “The Becoming a Threat movement promotes liberation, passion, and social involvement in the community. Minorities are often time seen as threats in the eyes of the system. We’re not seen as individuals who can shape a system, educate young minds, and heal those who are in need. I want to change the connotation of the word threat and establish a positive idea of individuals who feel they aren’t on a leveled playing field.” The movement’s founder, Justin Alexander Hill, is on a mission to empower those who often neglected by society and help them realize their own potential and purpose in life.

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