UPTOWN MAGAZINE: 8 Tips from a Personal Assistant that Will Improve Your LifE

1. Don't let someone put their insecurities on to your reality: Many times when a person can no longer control you, they will control how others view you. This is not your reality, so continue on your path. Those individuals who are influenced will come to the light one day. PUSH ON!

2. Create a plan for success: Implement the Six Ps -- proper planning prevents piss poor performance -- as we like to call them over here at Gatekeepers Agency. Develop your plan of action. You don't jump from one step to the top. You will have to take every step in order to reach the pinnacle of that staircase. There are no shortcuts when it comes to pursuing your purpose.

3. Commit to what you're doing, don't waiver: In many cases, we all have something going on. Next level success calls for sacrifices. You may have an amazing idea, but what if someone's idea is ready to go? Don't let your ego block your blessings that come in the form of sacrifice. That same person's idea could be the launching pad for your idea in the future.

4. Chase your purpose, not the person: We all need something or someone in order to progress. Never let the urge of wanting be your hindrance. When you're locked into your purpose, nothing will slow you down it will only propel you.

5. A loss is a lesson learned: I've experienced loss. Losing two of my biggest clients in a month span shaped me into the professional I am today. Serena Williams is another great example. When she began her career she had many barriers. Fast forward to 2018, and she is the greatest of all-time. Everyday is another opportunity to learn. You must move forward and leave the past where it is.

6. Help them, help you: It's simple yet one of the most difficult tasks for individuals to grasp. The ones who master this are the ones who are leaders, like Barack ObamaJay ZWarren Buffet, and the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These individuals bought into a systematic formula that has propelled them to heights that many dream about. Each day we wake up with goals, but your goals can't be accomplished on your own. You need help. Help others help you.

7. Be confident and know your Why: A confident person is a person who is unstoppable. You move with grace, speak with strength, and spread that energy amongst your peers. But when confidence meets your "why," the sky is the limit. Sit and think why do I strive so hard to be the best I can be?

8. Learn yourself before you can school someone else: Oftentimes we move so fast that we fail to realize who we are as the individual aside from who we strive to help. You are no value to a person if you're not right with self. Take your time to learn who you are, which will benefit you long-term when faced with adversity.