How do i become an assistant?

A: Visiting our site and applying with Gatekeepers. We are the home of the assistant. Doesn't get any easier than that. Let's get you started!

When do i start?

A: This is a process and we do not guarantee employment.

Do i work at Gatekeepers agency

A: We only represent you in your job search endeavors pertaining to Gatekeepers Agency. Here is a great article that outlines the difference between 1099 vs W-2. Click Here to learn the differences.

do you only place assistants with celebrities?

A: We place assistants across any industry. Everyone can use a great assistant. It is our goal to be the go to agency for all assistant needs.

How long do I have to wait?

A: Gatekeepers Agency isn't in any position to advise on the wait period from signing with us. This is why we say continue living your life and when we get the call we will notify you and if you're available for our match then we will proceed to the next steps on placing you.


What is a staffing company

A: We work on behalf of our clients (companies looking to hire permanent or temporary employees) to find people with the proper skills and experience to fill a position.

is this a salary position?

A: We have an option for clients who have a salary position available. This option (#1) is our big business owner. Click Here to learn more.

all assistants do is run errands?

A: This has been the notion since the beginning of time. No, assistants hold a lot of power and they make very important decisions that clients depend on. They are also advisors and often times there ideas are used. Now getting credit for it, is another story.

should i leave my current job?

A: This is based on your current circumstances. We aren't in a position to advise on personal decisions.

How much money will I make?

A: We are always looking out for our assistants. But we also must factor in the client's budget. It's our sole purpose to find that middle ground that works for both parties. We got you covered!


For more questions don't hesitate to email us at We want to make sure your decision process is smooth as possible.